CD REVIEW Luley   

Band : Luley    
Album title : Today’s Tomorrow
Label : AOR Heaven
Distributor : Rough Trade – Tone Entertainment
Release date : 27/04/2012
Release : CD

Does anyone remember the band Tokyo? Well, Klaus Luley was the frontman of this band, which was based in Germany. With Tokyo he released the three albums Tokyo, Fasten Seat Belts & San. All three of those albums have recently been re-released by the way. Mister Luley also played in Craaft, a band I only know by name, but haven’t heard any work of. When the Tokyo story ended, mister Luley stayed in the music business, but out of the spotlights. He worked for famous artist nevertheless, like Meat Loaf, Donna Summer and others.

Now some twenty years later, he’s back in the spotlights again with Luley. This new album features one remake of an old Tokyo song, namely their hit single ‘Tokyo’ in an updated version. The other musicians on this album are Gary Barden on drums, and Matthias Rethmann on bass, with Mister Luley himself taking care of all other instruments.

Although not a fantastic album, it has come out as a good come-back album, featuring some great tracks like ‘Mountain Of Love’ or ‘Livin In The Night’.  Fans of melodic rock should give this a try.


Erik Morren.