CD REVIEW Lynyrd Skynyrd    

Band : Lynyrd Skynyrd
Album title : Last Of A Dying Breed
Label : Roadrunner
Distributor : CNR – Tone – Concrete Web Promotion Office
Release date : 21/08/2012
Release : CD

Anyone into Southern Rock whom has never heard any music by this band, for whatever reason, simply has no business calling themselves lovers of the genre. Known and revered for its unique three-way guitar compositions, the band deserved more than one merit badge during its history, which now spans 5 decades.
Put quite frankly, they are the only remaining act (in fact, the band made pact that the LS name would only be continued as long as one of the surviving band members plays in it – and at the moment that boils to just the one and only Gary Rossington) in their genre from that era of the early '70s, when the terminology of “Southern Rock” was not even thought of yet.

Over the years, the band (now a 9-piece act including two female backing singers) brought a steady stream of albums which were each as worthy as the other (well, perhaps that Christmas carol album was somewhat of a down moment – LS fans know what I'm talkin' about). Somehow it's kinda amazing that such a thing should even be possible, but the band's style never changed over all that time, and so every new release is quite simply a worthy addition to an already proud discography.

That the band's output is of a constant positively good quality, is proven once again by his new studio album, the follow-up of the September 2009 released God And Guns (review by yours truly posted 26/10 of that same year). You see, our Special Edition includes 4 bonus tracks on top of the 11 songs of the regular version...and not one of them (neither of any of the 15, that is!) is a filler, or in any way lesser than the other! Personally, I would've loved to hear some more of those female backing vocals...but then that's quite personal, and in fact does not even make the album miss points in the final evaluation.