CD REVIEW Nachtmystium 

Band: Nachtmystium
Title: Silencing Machine
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI
Release date: 30/07/2012
Review: CD

Blake ‘Azentrius’ Judd’s sixth full length record for his main band Nachtmystium will be internationally released through Century Media, since his three-album contract with Candlelight came to an end in Europe, and after he did put his own label, Battle Kommand, on hiatus because of the economic problems within the Music industry.

With this new full length, Blake wanted to turn back to the Instinct: Decay-era, which very often gets seen as Nachtmystium’s top-product or ‘break-through’ (what a stupid word) (with exclusion of the more experimental Black Meddle-series, to some). The material was created with several top-musicians again, whom he did work with before: Drew Markuszewski, Charlie Fell, Sanford Parker (who did the production again as well; logical result: a fabulous massive, droning sound) and Will Lindsay. I have the pretention not to dwell on these guys’ past and current efforts, because it would take too long; but let’s say they all are involved with some of America’s best known and most(ly) experienced and worthy Extreme Metal bands in history.

Silencing Machine lasts for an hour and indeed it does differ a lot from the Black Meddle-diptych. As a matter of fact, Nachtmystium go back to the ‘roots’, in case you want to consider it this way. ‘back to the roots’ has to do with the ‘full’ intensity of the performance and the haunting and mesmerizing sound; the whole concept as a matter of fact. In contrast to the experimentations from the last albums, Silencing Machine stands for suffocating and pure Black-oriented Metal again. It does sound slightly epic, it sounds melodic, yet above all: it sounds so pure. This is an expression of Underground-Love, this is an interpretation of Good Old Evilness. Even though there is a certain USBM-approach, Nachtmystium still transcends mediocrity. The ingeniously elaborated variety, the raw, unpolished sound, the hazardous principles of eccentric song-writing, the perfectly-balanced unholy trinity melody-grimness-oppression, and the members’ professional skills amplify Nachtmystium’s earliest efforts with increasing persuasion. What’s more, because of inherent confrontation, experimental subtleties and peculiar expanded details, Nachtmystium do optimize their unique approach even more than ever before.

Silencing Machine is a true experience, a wonderful journey through spheres of misanthropy and despair. Coal-black excellence!


Ivan Tibos.