CD REVIEW The Gathering

Band : The Gathering
Album title : Disclosure
Label : Psychonaut Records
Distributor : Suburban
Release date : 12/09/2012
Release : CD

The Gathering is one of those bands that has always been able to surprise us. Not only is their music unique, they stand out because of their style and humbleness and they shouldn't be humble at all.

With Disclosure, this fine Dutch band has come up with a refreshing release, a true Disclosure of the new musical shape/direction of The Gathering. The rock on this album is catchy, dreamy and simply breathtaking. It's an easy way to escape from reality, thanks to the sweet voice of singer Silje. First single of Disclosure is “Meltdown” and this track truly shows the level of expertise The Gathering has achieved. It's the perfect mixture of what we're used to and the new innovative elements.

It's clear as day that Disclosure has become the most personal album of all. The band's style has lost some of its well-known darkness. The songs still carry along a heavy melancholic tone and they are incredibly colourful at the same time. The eight tracks on Disclosure are quite long, but because of their diversity, they're experienced in such an intense way, they never bore.