Band: Verse
Album title: Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace
Label: Bridge Nine Records
Distributor: Suburban
Release date: 17/07/2012
Release: CD

Nearly three years after the news,Verse was about to disband, they all of the sudden started playing shows again in the USA and even on mainland Europe. Back in the days, they were on top of the straight edge movement, which was stronger than it had ever been. Alongside Boston bands such as Bane and Have Heart, they were considered to be the best the genre had to offer.

In 2012, Verse is back with a brand new record, called Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace. When you listen to the record for the first time, it's very likely that you'll be disappointed, as the album seems to contain lots of spoken words, supported by some guitars, a bass and a drum kit. But, when you really make an effort, read the lyrics and listen to the intensity the singer uses, you'll fall in love with Verse all over again. The band has always had a strong opinion on the current system and politics and again manages to get the message across with this new full length.

Warning : only for people who really make an effort to appreciate good music.


Nick Tronckoe.