Band: Vesen
Title: This Time It’s Personal
Label: Soulseller Records
Distribution: Code7 – Plastic Head Distribution – Soulfood – Bertus
Release date: 31/08/2012
Review: CD

Initially it took quite a while. Even though Vesen were formed during the second part of the nineties, it wasn’t until 2005 they did release their first official studio full length (although the band did release several (strong) demos). After that album, called Ugly, it took another four years (Desperate Mindless Aggression, 2009), then just two years (Goat Carcass Rising, 2011), and then just one year, but apparently this time it’s personal…

Vesen, nowadays a trio, had this fourth full length recorded, mixed and mastered at Evig Natt/ Thundra/ Einherjer/ Dwelling Souls member Stein Sund’s Black Dimension Studio (Throne Of Katharsis, Pictures Of Pain etc.). The new album lasts for forty seven minutes and goes on in the vein of the former material. Indeed it does not differ that much from the past when it comes to approach and context. …luckily! As a matter of fact, This Time It’s Personal brings primitive and no-nonsense Black-edged Old School Thrash Metal with a mostly dirty sound. It initially starts very badly produced (or is it because of the promotional copy?), and then I am referring to the weak underground-sound of opener “The Threat”. Yet as from the title track on, the production convinces in its most beautiful ugliness. Hell yeah, it’s primitive, yet oh so honest and pure. The album has not been created to collect two hands full of fierce, fast and furious fun, but it comes with a well-balanced approach on tempo and melody. It’s of the sleazy kind, wrapped up within a powerful and punky groove, and therefore I think references can be defined in acts like Aura Noir and Infernö, Carpathian Forest/ Bloodline/ Diabolicum, Nadiwrath, Craft or Black Witchery and the likes.

Black Thrasn’n’Roll to the bone!


Ivan Tibos.