DVD REVIEW Iron Maiden

Band : Iron Maiden
Album title : En Vivo
Label : EMI
Distributor : EMI
Release Date : 27/03/2012
Release : DVD

This DVD is some kind of follow-up to the Flight 666 DVD. On the first disc it gives you an idea of how their gig in the Estadio Nacional, in Santiago – Chile went, and the second disc is a documentary of how they planned this, how they proceeded to make it work, and tons more.

Now I suppose I don’t have to introduce Iron Maiden anymore. After all they’ve been around for over 40 years, with their first album released in 1980. I’ve always followed their career, except for the period when Blaze Bailey handled the vocals and, as a matter of fact, they’re responsible for converting me to metal music.

As with all Maiden albums and DVD’s the quality is impeccable. There’s a good collection of songs on the album, spanning most of their career. I cannot imagine what it must have been to perform in front of some odd 50.000 hot blooded Chileans, but I would get goosebumps from it.

While for a normal fan this might not be essential, I guess a die-hard Maiden fan will have to buy this, be it alone for the documentary and behind the scenes look of how such a gigantic operation can take place.


Erik Morren.